Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Amarna Princess Head For Sale

"A rare Mansoor portrait sculpture of an 18th dynasty Amarna Princess [ca 1363-1364 B.C.] goes live on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace. . . . This princess head is in nearly perfect condition, the facial features and entire head are unblemished, the neck with a break, but repaired. The head is a complete sculpture unto itself, it was made in antiquity as a finished piece in the manner of a stopper to be inserted into the body of a statue." It is a truly lovely looking piece. See the above press release for more details and a link to the Ebay auction page (as of today zero bids). It seems a bit strange that it should be selling on Ebay rather than through a more traditional auction house that is used to handling rare works of art. They claim to have documentation backing up its authenticity in "an era when many antiquities are of dubious origins". I actually received an email from the auction house notifying me of the sale - and I dare say it would be very nice to be able to afford something this wonderful, but in my opinion it belongs in a museum for all to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

It is a fake, and an ugly one - at best worth $300.

Andie said...
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Anonymous said...

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