Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friends of the Petrie on You Tube

Thanks to Jan Picton (Secretary, Friends of the Petrie) for the following information.

The Friends of the Petrie Museum have received an unusual donation from PMF committee member, Gillian Mosely. Gillian is the Director of Medialab, a concept house that devises and sells factual television ideas to broadcasters including the History Channel, Channel 4, Five, Discovery, and National Geographic.

Gillian and her cameraman, Christoph Steiger, donated their skills, time and editing expertise to produce a series of 23 short films about the Petrie Museum which we have now put up on UCL's YouTube channel. The voice-overs have been done by Richard Langley, our Operations Manager.
Richard is leaving us this month and we wish him well. The films include a brief introduction to the museum, staff interviews, projects and objects.

We hope you enjoy them.


The links are as follows:

Petrie introduction:

Interviews with Debbie Challis, now Audience Development Officer, and Tracey Golding, Visitor Services Officer

Five interviews with Susi Pancaldo, Conservation Manager, about issues around sustaining the collection:

Stephen Quirke Interviews:
12 separate films about Petrie, the museum, and Stephen's introduction to the collection and the his role at the museum.

Petrie Time Capsules: Stephen discusses five objects, their role and meaning in the past and what we can learn from them

Petrie Special Projects: films discussing the 3D laser scanning project, ongoing cartonnage conservation, and our newest project organic materials conservation

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