Sunday, May 13, 2012

The New Ashmolean Egyptian Galleries

Collecting Egypt (Angel)

With photos.

A trip to visit friends in Oxford was the perfect opportunity to visit the Ashmolean Museum to see the newly renovated Egyptian galleries.  With barely concealed excitement, I joined a crowd of people coming in from the wind and rain and headed straight to the Egyptian rooms like a well practiced homing pigeon!  It was disconcerting not to see the colossal statues of Min in their old resting place, but on entering the galleries there they stood like old friends. 

The galleries have been completely restyled and the result is a fresh and spacious atmosphere, clearly labelled and beautifully displayed.  Though there were a lot of visitors there with me, it didn't feel crowded and we could all enjoy the impressive selection of objects without getting in each other's way.

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