Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ti Ameny Net: An Ancient Mummy, An Egyptian Woman, and Modern Science

University of Richmond Museums 

With thanks to the Collecting Egypt blog for the link.

The University of Richmond Museums presents Ti-Ameny-Net: An Ancient Mummy, An Egyptian Woman, and Modern Science,on view from February 24 to November 16, 2012, in the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature. The exhibition celebrates the life of Ti-Ameny-Net, a woman who lived in Egypt in the 7th century BCE and whose mummy was donated to Richmond College in 1876 by Professor Jabez L. M. Curry.  This exhibition features the mummy of Ti-Ameny-Net, her elaborately decorated wooden coffin, and a selection of Egyptian artifacts from the collections of the Stuart L. Wheeler Gallery of the Ancient World, Department of Classical Civilization, University of Richmond, and the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature, University of Richmond Museums.

Also on view are images and information based on modern scientific studies of the mummy conducted by University of Richmond undergraduate, Caroline Cobert, ’12, biology and classical civilization double major.  The results of the studies are presented in the exhibition, along with some of the tools used in the scientific analyses and the three-dimensional CT (computerized tomography) images from Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. 

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