Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Black Pharaohs - 3pm today UK Television

On the UK TV History channel at 3pm today (sorry for the extra stupid short notice) there is a Horizon programme as follows: "Documentary telling the story of the Black African Kingdom of Kush and its battles with ancient Egypt for supremacy of the Nile Valley. The kings of Kush ruled Egypt for 100 years and became the most powerful emperors of the ancient world. Though archaeologists were convinced Kush's influence had been underestimated, they had lacked proof until the recent discovery of an inscription in a tomb that tells of an invasion by a Kushite army" (copied from the Radio Times website at I caught it at 9am this morning and it is probably on again at some point tomorrow - they usually repeat them several times during the week. Lots of glorious footage of scenery and sites, and Derek Welsby does a good turn as the main archaeologist featured - a better than average popular archaeology documentary.


Anonymous said...


I've tried to get a copy of this DVD since it premiered on the History Channel Saturday, December 10, 2005 @ 6pm EST (Ann Arbor, MI USA). I emailed the History Channel, but they denied any knowledge of the showing.

If you know how I can obtain a copy, please post the information.


Andie said...

I would have emailed you, buy you have left no email address. I have tried to track this down for you, but the only reference I can find is at BBC Active:
This indicates that it can be purchased only in VHS format, which seems strange, for a very large sum. It may be worth emailing them.
It was apparently part of the "Timewatch" series:
Sorry not to be of more help.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the information I requested.

5:40 pm