Friday, May 13, 2005

A British Museum Egyptologist's View - Updated
I was having a look for something on the Tour Egypt website, and stumbled across this article. I thought that it might be of interest, so I've added the link to the blog. The introductory text reads: "Dr. Neal Spencer, Assistant Keeper of the Department of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan at the British Museum knows the situation well, having worked at the museum for six years and himself involved in a current excavation project in Egypt. He believes that the issue of claiming back ancient objects has not been raised officially, and when raised it relates mainly to objects exported out of Egypt after 1970". It also talks about Dr Spencer's work in Egypt, adherence to the SCA's rules and the opening of a new British Museum Egyptology gallery.
Update: In the original posting I said that I was uncertain when this item had been posted to the Tour Egypt website. So many thanks to Jimmy Dunn from the Tour Egypt website for telling me that the item was published on May 6th 2005, which makes it bang up to date.

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Jimmy Dunn said...

Actually, it is very recent, and yes, we should probably date such material, which we are planning on doing. The article came out Friday, May 6th, 2005. Look also for a corresponding interview with Zahi Hawass in the very near future.

Jimmy Dunn
Tour Egypt