Sunday, May 08, 2005

More on Searfaring Caves at Mersa Gawasis.
"These and other discoveries at what was once a port known as Mersa Gawasis offer an unprecedented look at the earliest known sea expeditions conducted for pharaohs."

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KHALED-EG said...

the old egyptian nam eof this port was (sAww,sAw,sw)as it was in the old egyptian texts i studied and mersa gawasis name means "spys harebour" in arabic
-the modern name- and the word "gawasis" is the plural from the word "gasws" , which was related with the small spying ships during the islamic period as it was called "gasws" ,then the name ment to relate to the small spying ships .
and the first excavation there was by :Professor abd al monam adb al haliem sayed, alexandria universtiy
khaled mohei el dine,
egyptology student,