Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sunday Times: King Tut tut tut

Quite a long article - either select Print View or click on the next Page links at the bottom of each part of the text (4 pages in total). This is a very colourful piece focusing on Zahi Hawass, and also raising the Joann Fletcher Nefertiti case, and the reaction of Hawass to her claims. The opening paragraphs read: "They call him the Pharaoh, the keeper of the pyramids. He rules Egyptology with an iron fist and a censorious tongue. Nobody crosses Zahi Hawass and gets away with it. As the fabulous treasures of Tutankhamun begin a world tour, Richard Girling excavates the conspiracies, conflicts and fears that curse the world of archeology. You might as well ask a eunuch to slag off an emperor. Quite quickly you get tired of asking: phone calls not returned; e-mails not answered; questions ducked. If you're lucky, you might get the odd side-of-mouth hint; but no names, no details. 'Nobody of any standing in Egyptology will come out to help you,' said one well-known Egyptologist of his colleagues, 'because they'd lose their jobs. Sadly, people are cowering round his ankles.' "
Do read this article for more - it is quite an important insight, whether or not you agree with it.

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