Saturday, May 28, 2005

UK Television Today

A whole handful of things are rolling today on UK television. On UKTV History there is the programme "In Search of Cleopatra" running on and off throughout the day, and on the same channel this evening at 7pm is "Top 10 Egypt", where Michael Woods takes viewers on a tour of his top 10 Egyptian sites - this has been shown before on UKTV, and the filming is great.
On Channel 4, "Return to the Valley of the Kings" is on at 7pm, followed by "Tutankhamun Exhumed" at 8pm. The first of these follows Lord Porchester (great grandson of Lord Carnarvon) to Egypt, where he supervizes an excavation led by Egyptologist Nigel Strudwick. The latter is about the most recent removal of Tutankhamun from his place of rest for cat scanning, including footage of the removal and the scanning.

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