Monday, June 20, 2005

The 18th Dynasty Context of the Tutankhamun Exhibition
Like others, I am finding the whole Tutankhamun somewhat overexposed, and there is an awful lot of repetitio, so I am only pointing out those items which appear to offer something different.

The above article is very similar to many others, but does offer an insight that I haven't so far stumbled across elsewhere: "One unusual effect of the exhibition is that, at least subliminally, it seems to undermine its promotional presuppositions. By not allowing the more elaborate pieces to travel and by choosing some of the more intimate objects to display and adding about 70 objects from the 18th dynasty to suggest a broader context, the Egyptian government shifted, perhaps unwittingly, the perspective: Tut, instead of being the climax of the exhibition, as he is meant to be, becomes something lesser, an epilogue, or even a bit of a puzzle." See this International Herald Tribune article for more.

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