Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ancient Egypt Magazine Contents and Online Book Reviews

You can read book reviews online at
Those reviewed online are:
  • Alexander the Great, son of the Gods, by Alan Fildes and Joann Fletcher (Review by Tony Judd)
  • Travellers Graffiti from Egypt and the Sudan, Part III, by Roger O. De Keersmaeker
  • The Egyptian Book of Life - A True Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, by Ramses Seleem (Review by Vicky Gashe)
  • Miss Brocklehurst o the Nile: Diary of a Victorian Traveller in Egypt
Below, please find listed the contents for the latest edition of Ancient Egypt Magazine:
  • The Thrice-Buried Queen: Dylan Bickerstaffe investigates the story of a Queen re-buried under unusual circumstances.
  • Digging in a Museum: Wolfram Grajetzki examines the Second Intermediate Period burial of Senebhenaef.
  • The Island of Elephantine: AE visits the monuments on the Island of Elephantine, a site of strategic importance throughout Egypt’s long history.
  • "... but where did they live?": Peter Phillips looks at the most important of places to individuals throughout history – their homes.
  • The Mummy of Tutankhamun: AE brings you the full report from the Supreme Council of Antiquities, following the recent CT scan of Tutankhamun’s Mummy.
  • Ancient Egypt on the Small Screen: A review of recent television documentaries on ancient Egypt.
  • New Lakes and Very Old Bones: AE looks at a new site for touists in the Fayoum, which includes an area where the fossilised skeletons of whales can be seen.
  • Holiday Competition Results: We give you the answers and name the winners.
  • Cairo’s oldest and largest mosque- the Mosque of Ibn Tulun: Recently restored, the Ibn Tulun Mosque is a haven for mind, body and spirit in the heart of Old Cairo.
  • News of the Friends of the Petrie Museum
  • A Stab in the Back: Joan Rees tells a tale of rivalry between Egyptologist Amelia Edwards and her cousin Matilda Betham-Edwards.
  • Archive Image: Medinet Habu

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