Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Archaeology Magazine - July/August

Apart from three reviews (which may be quite old, but I don't recall seeing before), Archaeology Magazine has no features this month about Egypt, although their website still features their "Tut Watch" and "Hierakonpolis Interactive Dig" pages. The first review is of the TV programme The Search for Eternal Egypt, which premiered on the History Channel, Sunday, June 12, 7 pm ET/PT. The web address for the review is at:
The second review looks at the novel The Egyptologist by Arthur Phillips, published at:
The third review is of a new archaeology series, the first two episodes of which are based in Egypt. Entitled "Digging for the Truth" , the programme doesn't debut on the History Channel until January, but begins with two one-hour episodes, the first looking at the mummy of Nerertiti and the second at who built the pyramids. The website is at:

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