Wednesday, July 27, 2005

4000 Tourists Arrive at Sharm El-Sheik
"4000 tourists arrived at Sharm El-Sheik International on 52 passenger flights from various parts of the world over the past 24hrs. MENA reported a statement by the Sharm El-Sheik International Airport Director Captain Yusri Gamal El-Din, that the airport had handled 104 incoming and outgoing flights in the aforementioned period, including 3 incoming flights from Italy carrying 250 tourists."

At the same time the Sate Information Service also reports that a number of prominent figures gathered in a protest rally to demonstrate their solidarity against the attacks: "As many as 300 public figures rallied today in Sharm el-Sheikh in protest of the terror attacks that hit the heart of the city Saturday leaving 64 dead and around 124 others injured. . . . Tourists also joined the protestors in a demonstration of solidarity with Egypt. . . . Addressing the demonstrators, South Sinai Governor Mostafa Afifi promised that Sinai would not only remain the city of peace but would also become more robust and beautiful than it used to be".

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