Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More updates to predynastic.com

I have updated the site again as follows:
  • Acheulean (updated)
  • Nubian Sangoan (added)
  • Elkabian of Elkab and Eastern Desert (updated)
  • Tarifian (updated)
  • Eastern Desert Early Neolithic: Tree Shelter and Sodmein Cave (added)
  • Gilf Kebir Neolithic (added)
  • Djara and Abu Gerara Neolithic (updated)
  • Bashendi B Unit of Dakhleh Oasis (updated)
  • Sheikh Muftah Unit of Dakhleh Oasis (updated)
  • Bibliography

Details of whereabouts these are located on the site are shown on the site's home page.

There is a lot more on its way, with information about archaeology dating from the Early Palaeolithic to the end of the 2nd Dynasty, and a new section to be added on environmental and climatic change. I know that the maps in the Geology section aren't loading at the moment - leave it with me. It is taking more time than I thought due to some wonderfully timed technical problems both with the web authoring software I use and my modem.

Cheers, Andie

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