Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Museum of Prehistory to be built at Qena

Of all the articles about Egyptology and the heritage that I found on the Egypt Today website, I somehow managed to miss one very close to my heart - an update about the planned Egyptian Museum of Prehistory to be built at Qena. So, thanks to Jo Adams for pointing it out to me: "Work is underway to build the first Egyptian museum of pre-historic eras. Located on Qena’s Nile Corniche, close to the railway bridge, the museum will cover an important and overlooked era in history; the 10,000 years preceding and leading to the formation of the first and second dynasties. The pieces set apart to go to the museum number over 3,000. Dr. Mahmoud Mabrouk, the sculptor and brains behind the idea, believes the museum will draw a lot of tourism to the city of Qena, because it is imperative for serious fans of Egyptian culture to understand the stages that have pre-empted the formation of Egyptian civilization." This is the full item.

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