Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A new luxury cruiser for the Nile
To meet the demands of tourists who wish to visit ancient Egyptian monuments located along the Nile betweeen Luxor and Aswan, "Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts (MH&R) have signed a contract to manage the new deluxe Nile cruiser Royal Lotus to enhance its present fleet of Mövenpick Nile Cruisers Radamis I & II, which have built up an enviable reputation sailing between Aswan and Luxor over the last two decades. The move is in continuance of the Swiss domiciled company's aggressive strategy to expand its portfolio throughout the Middle East. Royal Lotus is scheduled to be commissioned later this autumn and will cruise between Aswan and Luxor". Two things occur to me about this - one is that it shows some confidence in the continued success of Egyptian tourism, even with possible terrorist fears, and secondly - how are they going to fit another luxury cruiser on the Nile??

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