Monday, July 18, 2005

Thomas Logan: Up close with King Tut

This writer has come up with a different subject matter to tie in with the Tutankhamum exhibition. This piece is an interview with Thomas Logan, the former associate curator for the Egyptian Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who was closely involved with the visit of the 1976 Tutankhamun exhibition: "The 63-year-old Egyptologist's round, bespectacled eyes and broad smile vibrate with energy as he points out ancient bits of pottery, glass and a mask from his digs in the Belgium Congo that are displayed in the Carmel home he shares with his wife, Vikki. At age 13, his parents took him to the the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt, and the King Tut exhibit at the Cairo Museum and that fueled his passion for Egyptology. Logan looks back at the laborious and painstaking journey with Tut artifacts and the vexations and luck that befell him". See the article for the interview, which is entertaining with one or two fascinating bits of 1976 Tut trivia.

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