Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ancient Egypt Magazine - August/September Issue
Bob Partridge has announced that the latest issue of "Ancient Egypt" magazine is now out
(August/September 2005, issue 31). I've posted top-level contents previously, but the full listing is now available and includes:

  • The Oriental Museum in Durham: Karen Exell tells how the collection
    was formed and looks at some of the more important exhibits.
  • Who were Nefertiti’s Parents? Marshall Hindley discusses the possible parentage of one of Egypt’s most famous Queens.
  • Replica Tomb of Thutmose III: Nacho Ares describes the project to create a full-sized replica of the tomb of Thutmose III, soon to be on display in Edinburgh.
  • Reconstructing the Face of Tutankhamun: A report from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities on the facial reconstruction of Tutankhamun following the recent CT scan.
  • Meryetamun at Akhmim: The story of the discovery and restoration of a remarkable colossal statue of Queen Meryetamun, daughter and Great Royal Wife of Rameses II, told by Ayman Wahby Taher.
  • A river full of water ...but was it safe to drink? Jo Morris investigates where the ancient Egyptians obtained their drinking water.
  • Dressing Nefertiti: Ancient Egyptian Costumes on Television: Egyptology Clothing Consultant Janet Johnstone describes the problems of designing reproductions of ancient costumes for television programmes and films.
  • Archive Image: Old and new images of the obelisk of King Senuseret I at Heliopolis.
  • News of the Friends of the Petrie Museum.
  • Defending Egypt from Chaos - Rameses III and his Battles: Nicholas Wernick looks at the military campaigns of Rameses III, as detailed in his temple at Medinet Habu, to determine if he was truly one of the great warrior pharaohs.

Regular features include:

  • Bits and Pieces: news from the world of Egyptology.
  • From our Egypt Correspondent: the latest discoveries and work in
    Egypt provided by Egyptian Egyptologist, Ayman Wahby Taher.
    * PerMesut for Younger Readers: Written by Hilary Wilson, in this
    edition the subject is "Frogs".
    * Society Contacts: details of all the Egyptology Societies in the
    United Kingdom, plus a number from overseas.
    * Events Pages: A full list of all lectures in the U.K. for the
    next three months, plus news and details of any Egyptian Exhibitions
    in the U.K.
  • Netfishing: A regular review by Victor Blunden of web pages on ancient Egypt. This edition looks at sites on the early Dynastic Period of Egyptian history.

Book Reviews include:

  • The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt, by Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton.
  • Great Pharaohs, by TGH James.
  • Egypt Flying High, with aerial photos by Marcello Bertinetti.
  • The Obelisk: A monumental Feature in Britain, by Richard Barnes.
  • Warfare in Ancient Egypt, by Bridget McDermott.
  • War in Ancient Egypt, by Anthony J. Spallinger.
  • Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Reliefs and Paintings. Vols V and V., by Porter and Moss.

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