Saturday, August 20, 2005

OsirisNet website updated: Amenhotep III

Thierry Benderitter has updated the a page on Amenhotep III's tomb , KV 22. It is illustrated by 40 rare pictures taken before the beginning of the restoration work, that cover most of the scenes pictured in the tomb. There is a comprehensive description, under a number of headings, and some clear and accessible plans are provided. A slideshow of the photographs is available at:

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Andie said...

Further to my original posting, if you liked this page, you might be intersted in some of the multimedia features of the site, including two 3-D Virtual Reality tours of West Bank tombs: (Nefertari) (Sennefer)
These are both very different from each other, but possibly the most beautiful of the West Bank tombs. To run the tours, you will need a VRML plug-in. Details are provided on the above pages.