Thursday, August 04, 2005

Virtual unwrapping of mummy
"Before an eager audience of academics, Egyptologists, technologists and other onlookers, a 2,000-year-old girl had her official coming out party Wednesday. The crowd had gathered at SGI's Reality Center at the Silicon Graphics headquarters here for the virtual unwrapping of Sherit, a child mummy from the collection of San Jose's Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. And by the end of the event, those on hand had seen deep into the interior of the mummy". As well as being able to see the embalming preparation technique, and what sort of of jewellry she wore, hieroglyphs on the interior or the mummy revealed her name and the name of her parents (the name Sherit was just a nick-name given the mummy in absence of other information). See the article for more information about both the scanning techniques and equipment, and the results.

Another item on the same subject appears on the SFGate website, with a photograph of the mummy's exterior and painted portrait:

And the Washington Post has yet another, a much shorter article but with a photo of the scanned interior:

And another one: a different scan image, plus a reconstruction of what Sherit might have looked like when she was alive on the website:

And finally, the Wired website has a whole plethora of images of the scanned interior (click each thumbnail to see a bigger image):,1286,68416,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_5

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