Saturday, September 24, 2005

News from the Petrie Museum

The Autumn 2005 edition (issue 31) of the Friends of the Petrie Museum Magazine appeared through my letterbox this morning, with its usual selection of museum and related news. Amongst the features included is a piece by Stephen Quirke about the return to the museum of a loan of 605 weights. The weights, in various fascinating shapes and sizes, were on loan to the National Museum of Science and Industry (UK) and date from the Naqada period through to the Byzantine and Islamic periods. 200 of them are now on display at the Petrie and they will all appear on the online database when they have been photographed.

Also featured is the Petrie's new web project:
The new website reunites dispersed objects from excavations by Petrie or his organization, the Brithish School of Archaeology in Egypt, and offers a number of resources including:

  • Searchable catalogues of Egyptian collections in five museums
  • Virtually reunited objects from major excavations
  • Educational activities
  • A reconstruction of a major archaeological site

Anyone interested in joining the Friends should contact the Petrie - either visit the website at or email

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