Saturday, September 03, 2005

Trivia Round-Up

This weeks round-up of trivia:

Get out in front of that Epitaph
I'm not sure how Ramesses II would have felt about this piece if he had had the chance to meet Donald Trump, but here goes anyway: "Baby boomers, the increasingly ignored demographic, are getting the jump on death by self-memorialization. Not that the concept is new. Ramses II, who reigned over ancient Egypt for longer than the life expectancy of a modern Egyptian, was Donald Trump B.C.. We're the first, however, to memorialize the eternally anonymous". You've got to love it. For more on the subject of self-immortalization (but not, admittedly, about Ancient Egypt) see the above article on the website.

Halle Berry to play Nefertiti
Movie star Halle Berry "is working on a new biopic of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The Oscar winner will produce and star in the project. She says, 'She was the first female pharaoh, a warrior whose story is not as well told as Cleopatra's, so we can put light on a dark place in history'." This is the entire bulletin on the Contact Music website.

Legion of the Dead (DVD Review)
A review of another Mummy-Comes-Back-To-Life-To-Wreak-Havoc film. The reviewer really wasn't impressed!

Today in History: Cleopatra
30th August: " In 30 B.C. (by some estimates), the seventh and most famous queen of ancient Egypt known as Cleopatra committed suicide".

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sarah gonul said...


I saw your comment about the Neferitti movie and thought you might want a follow up!! According to Publishers Weekly, Michelle Moran just sold a novel about NEFERTITI to a major publishing house for a large deal. And according to people I've spoken to in the movie industry, the book is being shopped around and several studios have been interested.

I haven't seen the book and I don't think it comes out until July 2007 (at least that's what Moran's website says: But if the book is turned into a movie, at least the script should be decent. I wonder who they'll get to take the lead role? Last year there was talking of Halle Berry playing her. I wonder if that still would be the case, depending on which studio adapts the book.

Sarah Gonul