Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Follow-up to the Dorak story

Thanks to the article's author Suzan Mazur, who emailed to let me know that she has published a follow-up to her original article about the Dorak mystery. I posted a link to the orignal artilce on this blog at:
There has been some considerable interest expressed in the whole saga as a result of Suzan's original piece. Here's an extract from the very beginning of the follow-up: "Although many art experts prefer not to say so publicly because they otherwise like and respect James "Jimmie" Mellaart, the British archaeologist at the heart of the matter -- and/or are afraid of reprisals -- they largely agree that Dorak was some kind of ruse. The outstanding question is, of course, why it happened. Which only Jimmie Mellaart knows. However, because some are still in denial over the evidence presented, I've decided to highlight a few comments in an attempt to further clear the air regarding existence of the artifacts that Mellaart claimed were dug up clandestinely in northwest Turkey from two royal tombs of the Yortan, neighbors of the Trojans". See the article for the full details.

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