Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saharan Burials

From the National Geographic webiste: "Archaeologists have excavated a trove of Stone Age human skeletons and artifacts on the shores of an ancient lake in the Sahara. The seven nearby sites include an extensive cemetery and represent one of the largest and best preserved concentrations of ancient skeletons and artifacts ever found in the region, researchers say.Harpoons, fishhooks, pottery, jewelry, stone tools, and other artifacts pepper the ancient lakeside settlement. The objects were left by early communities that once thrived on the former lake's abundant fish and shellfish".

And to put it into context, here's Tony Cagle's comment on the subject from his excellent Archaeoblog:
The date(s) have been put at between 10-5k BP, which would work for Neolithic, and there is pottery and grinding stones. . . .it seems to be fairly extensive at least seasonal occupations. It seems similar to habitations found by Wendorf et al. around some of the now-dessicated playa lakes in the western deserts of Egypt and elsewhere". See Tony's posting, above, for more information.

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