Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Egypt Interactive Exhibition

A new exhibition is coming to Birmingham (UK) with a very different slant to it: "The exhibition transports visitors on a magical mystery tour of exploration, as they take on the role of a correspondent from the fictional 'Gazette' newspaper, and are tasked with reporting on the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb, the mysterious curse, and the fate of those involved. During this interactive journey, each intrepid visitor is given a Twenties reporter's press card, allowing them to gain clues and information from computer stations set up along the way, and to help them compile the scoop of the century. As the reporters pursue their investigations, the press card tracks each visitor around the various exhibits and artefacts on display. At the end of the expedition, the reporter uses the press card to submit their findings to the editor of the 'Gazette' and receives their own, personalised front page print-out of the newspaper to take home, including all the facts and secrets uncovered along the way. . . .
There is also an amazing feature called 'Augmented Reality' – a camera that recreates one of the displayed ancient artefacts in 3D form for the visitor, projecting it onto a screen so it can be viewed and inspected without causing damage to the original piece".

See the above URL for full details about the organizers and more information about the venue.

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