Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cultural heritage centre to open in Luxor
A new heritage centre is due to open in Luxur in April 2006. southern Egypt will get a new cultural heritage centre due to open in April, according to Fathi Salah, the Director of Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT): "The new centre, which will be named Maubarak Cultural Centre, is part of a huge complex that will also house the Mubarak Public Library with an average total cost of LE15 million, added Salah. The CULTNAT-affiliated centre is designed to contribute to showcasing Egypt's cultural heritage, using the latest technologies, to the massive number of tourists who are visiting the City, elaborated Salah. He added that the centre would have a micro gallery, a showroom with several booths displaying information on various cultural heritage, and also a 'culturama', a variety of interesting cultural topics will be projected on panoramic 180- degree screens".
For more about CULTNAT see their website at:

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Bent El Neel said...

nice of the government to open up a cultural heritage center. A bit ironic considering events that just took place in Upper Egypt where Muslim mobs burned materials to prevent the building of a church!!
Perhaps the money would've been better spent on actually educating the people on the meaning of "culture".