Saturday, February 18, 2006

Book: The Rock Art Topographical Survey

Thanks to Francis Lankester for the information that a new edition of The Rock Art Topographical Survey (RATS) is going to be published, hopefully in May: "BSS has decided to press ahead with the publication of a second edition of DESERT RATS, Maggie and Mike Morrow’s invaluable catalogue of rock art sites in Egypt’s Eastern Desert. This will be a significantly enhanced edition of the first one since the book will include new information about Hans Winkler’s recently rediscovered Site 18 and a CD of the complete volume. This CD will also contain over 50 additional plates of the most prominent images in full colour. The book and CD will be sold for £45, the CD on its own for £15, with discounts for EES members."
For the full story, and for updates re a publication date, see the above web page.

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