Friday, February 24, 2006

Cairene concerns
An article looking at past reports in the Al Ahram Weekly newspaper concerned with the identity and image of Cairo, including some suggestions for improving Cairo's museums: "On the front page of Al-Ahram 's 11 September 1937 issue was a long article under the headline City of Museums. The article included an interview with 'the prominent antiquities expert Atienne Dritone, director of the Egyptian Antiquities Department'. The most significant part of the article was a call to establish a museum city within the Egyptian capital that would include a museum of art history, a museum of antiquities, the palace of Tutankhamen, and a tomb for mummies. The argument of the prominent French antiquarian was that the museum at that time had become piled up with antiquities, causing them to lose their splendour and glory. This occurred because the original design had not taken into consideration the success excavations would have. Not a year passed without the museum acquiring new treasures, and the department grew perplexed as to whether to exhibit or store them. When the latter choice was taken, 'some treacherous hands reached out and stole.' "
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