Monday, February 20, 2006

Discovery of Djed-Khonsu-efankh - Part 2
Second part of the story of the discover of Djed-Khonsu-efankh, the Governor of Bahariya (Part 2) by Zahi Hawass (reproduced here in full due to a lack of archive on the site)
For those who haven't read it, Part 1 is at:

"After the re-discovery of the three tombs, we searched everything that Fakhry referred to in his work on the oasis; I felt that there had to be another room on the other side. If so, it was an area that had never been excavated. Could it be the missing tomb of Djed-Khonsu-efankh for which Fakhry had searched?April 20, 2000 I went to bed and dreamed of what would happen in the morning. In my dream I saw a room with end. It was full of smoke and I could not see anything. I was afraid and I called for help but no one came. Suddenly, I saw a face coming toward me. I was ready to fight but I could not move my arms or legs. The face came closer, and then I screamed, screamed again that moment, I woke up-my face and body were sweating...I could not understand the meaning of this dream.At 5:30am, I took part of my team to Sheikh Soby, the town built over the archaeological remains. I decided we would work on the consolidation and restoration of this tomb. Before we could open the burial chamber I first had to meet with the old lady who owned the house above the tomb. She agreed to demolish her house and we told her we would build her a new house made of stone, not mud brick, and that we would electrify it. All this would be done at our expense. I oversaw the construction and made sure it was everthing that I had promised. She was pleased with her new house and we did the demolition and started excavating the site.During the work, I kept thinking of Ahmed Fakhry's work written in his book about Bahariya. He said he hoped that the tomb of the governor of Bahariya, Djed-Khonsu-efankh, would be discovered. We were close..."

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