Monday, February 20, 2006

Travel: Giza on a budget
Travel article looking at the costs of getting to Giza. "Direct EgyptAir flights from New York to Cairo cost roughly $800, plus a $15 visa fee paid upon arrival. Taxis downtown are $10 (be firm on the price) and buses cost 50¢. Giza and the pyramids are an hour's bus ride (12¢ on air-conditioned minibuses #83 or #183), or 40 minutes in a taxi ($7, with airconditioning), from Cairo's main Tahrir Square, where relics from ancient times are housed in the Egyptian Museum. But in this case, an air/hotel package trumps going solo. One of the best deals in traveldom is Misr Travel's $899 package from New York."
See the full article for more information on what to do on arrival at the pyramids and how to get to Saqqara.

Speaking from personal experience, the air conditioned buses from Tahrir Square are great if you speak the language and can ask where the bus stop is, but the stops aren't maked and are sometimes in the most improbable places. It is much easier on the return journey because the bus for Tahrir Sq departs from outside the Mena House and is easy to identify - and Tahrir Sq is easy to identify when you want to get off.

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