Thursday, March 16, 2006

Japanese grant for archaeological mission

"The Embassy of Japan extends a grant amounting to 82,148 dollars for the construction of an exhibition hall with a storehouse for cultural properties excavated from ruins in Sinai Peninsula, according to a press release from the embassy in Cairo. The Archaeological Mission of the Middle Eastern Culture Centre in Japan has been carrying out the Archaeological research of the cultural properties excavated from ruins in Sinai Peninsula such as Wadi al Tur, Mt Naqus, Raya and al Kilani from more than 20 years. Among the objects unearthed at al Kilani were 4000 fragments of manuscripts. The work is throwing new light on early Islam, its development of social and commercial networks, and its relation with Christian, Coptic and Byzantine cultures. Through this grant aid, it is expected that these important cultural properties will be well exhibited in order to attract more visitors and enhance the understanding about the history of Sinai Peninsula and its importance."
See the above URL for further details.

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