Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Pharaoh's Fury (Korea Times)
"Lotte World executive describes as 'a multi-motion dark ride', a course that takes you through some three or four minutes of journey to find the inside of a pharaoh’s tomb, or a pyramid.
Named 'Pharaoh’s Fury,' the ride opened last December after 10 years of preparation . . . . As a result, the facility takes up a considerable space in the Adventure section with its conspicuous Egyptian-style architectures. . . . The ride itself is modeled after a journey taken by Howard Carter, a deceased Egyptologist, while also taking motive from an expedition team searching for pharaoh’s golden scepter. On a jeep-shaped vehicle, passengers pass by a burning cave and collapsing temple as well as gigantic crocodiles, cobras and fireballs. The bust of pharaoh also does not miss out on his ominous speech as the ride enters his room. . . .After finishing the ride, there is the Revelation of Pharaoh, a kind of a fortune-telling service, to give the final dose of the Egyptian feel."
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Luxor - Amun Rising (
Return to the glory, adventure and addictive fun of Ancient Egypt in Luxor - Amun Rising. In the sequel to the runaway hit action-puzzle game, you must defeat rebellious Princes before they overthrow the Pharaoh and plunge the Two Lands into chaos! Return to the ancient lands of Luxor and once again save the day.

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