Monday, April 10, 2006

The Egyptian Museum
Another museum piece on the Egypt Today website, this time about the Egyptian Museum: "There is too much to see in a single visit to the Egyptian Museum, but with some advance planning, you just might be able to take in most of the Pharaonic glory. . . . A plan is essential: The Egyptian Museum houses a staggering collection of over 100,000 objects, too many to absorb in a lifetime, let alone in a single trip. While some displays are well-marked (generally in Arabic and English, occasionally in French), the signage is erratic and you often won’t know what you’re looking at unless you’ve educated yourself beforehand. Decide in advance what you want out of your visit — a broad introduction to Egyptology or a focused look at a particular feature."
There is now an excellent museum guide, available from the museum shop (or at least there was when I was last there, and I can look up the details for anyone who wants to order it prior to a visit to Egypt) but this is a very handy short summary of the contents of the museum and where to find them.

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