Friday, May 26, 2006

Exhibition: Unveiling Tutankhamun in Chicago (
This page appears to be available without the usual compulsary registration. It covers the official unveiling of the Tutankhamun exhibiton in Chicago on Wednesday, which was attended by Zahi Hawass amongst other dignitaries. As well as covering the sarcophagus issue mention below, there is information about the background funding and organization of the exhibition and the expected income that it is expected to generate: "The tour appears to be every bit as much a juggernaut as the version that traveled the U.S. in the 1970s, including a four-month stay at the Field in 1977. That's saying a lot, as the previous show may be the most successful and most fondly remembered temporary exhibit in U.S. museum history. Officials said Wednesday that they expect at least a million people will pay the hefty entrance fee--$25 for adults--to see the exhibit before it leaves the Field on Jan. 1. The expected turnout is crucial to Hawass' antiquities council, which authorized the tour to raise money to conserve its monumental ruins and build new museums."
See the above two-page article for the full story.

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