Wednesday, May 31, 2006

KV63 update

Infant coffin photos
The KV63 website has been updated with a "Breaking News" piece showing photos of a 42cm long infant coffin made of pink gold-leaf and found in the youth coffin. This is the best source of photos for the find, but there are a couple more details covering it in the following press release: (
The Archeology magazine website has also been updated (30th May) with some of the new photos of the infant sized coffin:

What about those pillows? (New York Times)
An article summarizing the current state of affairs at KV63, highlighting some of the questions yet to be answered: "After three months of painstaking work since the February discovery, with five of the coffins opened, no mummies have been found. So there is a chance that this is not a tomb at all, but rather a cache for used embalming materials.
But there is one big coffin left to open — the most tantalizing one, sealed, wedged into the back of the space and supported by pillows at its head and feet, with the kind of care that could suggest that someone important is inside.
The American Egyptologists who are working here plan to open it, hoping not only to see a mummy but to solve the many mysteries of the new find. They may also shatter a long-held belief that there is nothing important left to find in the Valley of the Kings."
See the above page for the full story, with photos, maps and a high quality slideshow. If you need a username and password use egyptnews in both fields.

Discovery Channel interactive map updated (Discovery Channel)
The interactive map at the above address has been updated with information about one of the jar seals, and about the golden coffin.

Thanks very much to Carolin Johanson for pointing me to some of these pages (keep up the good work Carolin!)

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