Tuesday, May 30, 2006

PalArch Foundation changes

PalArch's Journal on the archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology (ISSN 1567-214X) will see some important changes. The October issue of the Newsletter will present the new procedures, and more information on the changes will be published in the July and October 2006 Newsletters. Some of the changes are summarized below.

1) From now on, the Journal as well as the Newsletter will be entirely free to download: back issues will be sent by mail as pdf attachment upon request in the same way as with our book reviews.

2) One of the big problems with electronic publishing is digital preservation (long-term archiving of digital content) and practical permanent access. Many may not know that much research is done by institutes such as the Dutch National Library, often in cooperation with large publishers (Elsevier) and computer companies such as IBM. The PalArch Foundation is addressing these issues by cooperating with the Dutch National Library in order to assure our authors and readers permanent access to data. Read more on this and related topics at www.kb.nl.

3) The PalArch Foundation decided to change the policy and will accept also papers on the history of Egypt beyond the Arab Conquest.

Finally, the upcoming issue (1 July 2006) contains the two final contributions on the (peer reviewed) discussion of the (re)dating of the Sphinx by Vandecruys and Reader.

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