Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Trivia - Games

Tale In The Desert III
"Gamers on the hunt for a different kind of MMORPG might find what they’re looking for in the deserts of ancient Egypt. A Tale In the Desert III is now available online, offering substance rather than violence to create the gaming experience. Lead designer Andrew Tepper, aka Pharaoh in the game, took some time out not too long ago to speak with Igniq about the third incarnation of the title, which has been online in beta for a few months. The franchise has been around since 2003." See the above page for more. (Thanks again Kat).

Luxor Amun Rising
Luxor Amun Rising has you aim colored marbles at a string of constantly moving marbles in an attempt to get three of the same color in a row, at which point they break and leave the line. The object of the game is to keep the marbles from reaching the end of the track. My description here hardly does this game justice, because this is an incredibly fun time. I love a good puzzle, and so not surprisingly, I was highly impressed by this game. I enjoyed watching the pretty colored marbles, and hearing their industrial steel sound as they rolled along the track (remember how I said I am easily amused?). Above all, the game was very addictive, and I spent a lot of time attempting high scores and seeing how far into the game I could go before losing. As the name suggests, the game is nicely decked out in an Egyptian theme, so the graphics and the music reflect that.
See the above site for the full review.

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