Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Makeover for village landmark (
"Visitors are flocking to a village to see a giant rock painted to look like King Tutankhamun. Villagers in Kilcreggan, near Helensburgh, have just given the boy king a facelift to restore him to his former glory. It is believed the boulder was first painted in the 1920s. . . . The stone was painted by Turner Prize nominee Christine Borland, who lives in Kilcreggan, with children from the Cove Park Art Club. They even got archaeologist Tom Addyman to paint on a replica of King Tut's cartouche - the name plate in hieroglyphics on his tomb."

Book: The Anubis Tapestry
Many thanks to Kat Newkirk for pointing this out. A new illustrated novel from Actionpolis combines ancient Egyptian mythology with the supernatural in an action adventure whose hero is a 13 year old boy. Sounds like a combination of Indiana Jones, The Mummy and Harry Potter - with illustrations: "Written and illustrated by Bruce Zick -- a veteran of every major film company you can think of (and having worked with directors like Lucas, Spielberg and Copolla) – The Anubis Tapestry will bring to life this fall from the fledging all ages imprint, for only $12.95. 'The Anubis Tapestry' is about bringing the mummy mythology to new life,' Zick told CBR News. 'When Chance Henry's father is transformed into a mummy, the boy must become a mummy himself and enter the dreaded Underworld to save his dad. In the process, we reinvent ancient Egypt, the Domain of the Dead, the Elder Gods, and the use of Egyptian magic. The process began when I was approached by Komikwerks to do a book. We collaborated on the story idea and then they cut me loose to create some weird and crazy stuff.
See the above page for the full review. The Actionpolis website is at: (
"British actress Rachel Weisz and actor Brendan Fraser have apparently agreed to reprise their roles in the next 'Mummy' sequel, despite rumours claiming that they had turned down the offer. Previous reports claimed that the only star to return for the next sequel in the action franchise would be South African actor Arnold Vosloo, who played the villain in the first two blockbusters. However, according to recent sources, both Fraser and Weisz will return in the roles of O'Connell and Evelyn respectively in the planned sequel, which will be set in the 1940s, after the events of the last film 'The Mummy Returns'."

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