Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ancient Egypt Magazine - August/September
The August/September issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine is now out.

Contents include articles on;
- Tomb KV 63 in the Valley of the Kings: University of Memphis team member Roxanne Wilson gives the fullest-yet account of the work in the clearance of the tomb in this third of a series of articles. There will be a fourth update in the October issue.
- Hedgehogs in ancient Egypt: Magda van Ryneveld explains why the humble hedgehog features as much as it does in ancient Egyptian art.
- Clothing Culture: Dress in Egypt in the First Millennium AD: Frances Pritchard reports on a stunning new exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.
- Friends of Nekhen News: The fourth of our reports on the important and revealing work being done at Hierakonpolis. This article looks at the painted decoration in the tombs at the site and what they tell us about life in the ancient city.
- Menkaura’s anthropoid coffin. A wooden coffin found in the pyramid of Menkaura at Giza, bears the king’s name. But was it really his? Paul Boughton investigates.
- Vivant Denon’s “mysterious cache”. Marriane Luban reports on the activities of one of the first collectors of Egyptian antiquities at the end of the 18th century AD.
Harvesting a Pharaoh: An unexpected discovery in the 18th Dynasty tomb of Anen at Thebes brought a lost painting back to life. Lyla Pinch-Brock describes how.

Plus Book Reviews:
- Hatshepsut: from Queen to Pharaoh, edited by Catharine Roehrig.
- Ancient Egypt: lithographs by David Roberts, by Fabio Bourbon.
- Cairo, The family guide, by Lesley Labadidi.
- Egyptian Sites: Lahun. A town in history and its place in the landscape, by Stephen Quirke.
- The Symbolic World of Egyptian Amulets, by Phillipe Germond.
- More usefully Employed: Amelia Edwards, writer, traveller and campaigner for ancient Egypt, by Brenda Moon.
- Matilda Betham-Edwards: Novelist, Travel Writer and Francophile, by Joan Rees.
- The Psalms of RA: CD and book, composer Jim Berenholtz
- Mozart in Egypt. CD

And regular Features, which include:

- News from Egypt, from Egyptian Egyptologist Ayman Wahby Taher, with even more pages allocated to the latest news and images from Egypt.
- Egyptology Society details and full listing of forthcoming lectures and event in the UK from August until October.

In Future editions.

- More news from the Valley of the Kings and from Hierakonpolis.
- The mystery of hieroglyphs.
- Excavating the tomb of Harwa at Thebes.
- Rock art from the Gilf Khebir in the Western desert of Egypt.
- The new Imhotep Museum at Saqqara
- More on the possible new tomb in the valley of the Kings (KV64?)

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