Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Exhibition: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Itinerant Museum

"Over the last ten years, exhibition Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Itinerant Museum has been travelling Brazilian states taking replicas and original items from the past of the Arab country. This time, the show is in the country capital, Brasília, and includes 70 articles, of which 16 are original, belonging to Brazilian researcher Maisur Musa, who is a son of Palestinian immigrants.
'The objective behind the fair is to transmit knowledge about the history of civilization,' stated Musa, who is the organizer of the event. The exhibition was opened on Thursday (17) and follows through to September 20, at the Conjunto Nacional. Mummies, sarcophagi, papyruses, weapons, coins and vases are some of the articles exhibited at the fair. Among the objects, Musa pointed out the mask of pharaoh Tutankhamon, the bust of Nefertiti and an antique statue of Venus."
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