Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Please see the following update and request for feedback re the excellent Abzu service, from Chuck Jones. Abzu is an excellent resource for Near Eastern (and Egyptian) documents, with authors like Sir William Flinders Petrie and Guy Brunton well represented.

One year ago we implemented the RSS feed from Abzu, and later the What's New in Abzu blog with its own RSS feed. We did this to allow users to have better access to material newly entered into the Abzu database.
You can still find material newly added to Abzu by following "View items recently added to ABZU" link at: Entries stay there for a month from the date they are entered.

I have added 1392 items to Abzu in the past year and 516 addresses are subscribed to ETANA-Abzu-News as of September 26, 2006
If you wish to use RSS feeds to gather information which may aid your research you might consult: (among other places) for assistance in choosing an aggregator.

I would appreciate feedback on the usefulness of these resources, and please feel free to repost
this message wherever it may be useful.

-Chuck Jones-
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