Saturday, September 23, 2006

III Congreso Ibérico de Egiptología (
"Spanish Egyptologists were in La Laguna last week to attend a congress hosted by the university, one of the few in Spain which boasts a department of Egyptology.
And it was the university’s plain-speaking professor of archaeology, Antonio Tejera Gaspar who grabbed the headlines when he took the opportunity to once again call into question the origins of the pyramids at Güímar.And though he discounted any direct linkage between the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands and the ancient Egyptians, a theory based on their love of mummifying their dead and which has gained ground in recent years, the professor admitted that an indirect relationship was possible. . . . The Congress was attended by some 120 Spanish Egyptologists and Egyptologists from Spanish-speaking countries."

There's a report about one of the more contraversial lectures, ¿Cómo eran los egipcios en la cama? in Spanish at:

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