Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Polish Egyptology journal

Thanks to Jerzy Prus for letting me know that the first issue of a new journal, The Polish Egyptoloical Journal (Polski Przegląd Egiptologiczny), in Polish and English, is now available. Details, including a Contents listing, with abstracts, are available at the above address, but note that the links to free of charge additional content on the site (indicated by three blue arrows) are only available in Polish.
The Journal is introduced on the above page as follows: "The new journal will be published only in electronic version. Contents and abstracts of each issue will be published on the website http://www.egyptnj.com/ . To inquire about subscription write to prus@mindspring.com. The cost of one issue is $15.00 . Please note, that to each issue will be added a classical egyptological book in electronic version. Together with “PEJ” No. 1, comes a CD version of the famous book - GAUTHIER Henri, La grande inscription dédicatoire d’Abydos, Le Caire 1912, pp.V, 148."
See the above page for full details.

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