Saturday, September 02, 2006

Newly opened Coptic museum

"Founded by Morkos Smeika Pasha, the Coptic Museum opened in 1910 to trace and preserve the history of Christian Egypt by displaying artifacts recovered from Egypt’s monasteries. After nearly two and a half years of restoration work, the Supreme Council of Antiquities, in partnership with USAID and the American Research Center in Egypt, reopened this 8,000-square-meter complex, housing a collection of approximately 14,000 pieces, some dating back to the third century AD.
The building is an architectural marvel combining Roman and Mediterranean styles, with white stone walls accented by smooth pillars and wood-latticed windows overlooking a terrace blooming with flowers and palm trees. Inside, you find heavenly high ceilings of ornately carved dark wood, providing a canopy over marble floors twinkling with mashrabeyya-filtered sunbeams.
The two-story museum is well organized, with exhibits arranged chronologically throughout 14 halls embracing an inner courtyard."
See the above page for the full account.

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