Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saharan Prehistoric Climate - Bibliography

I promised some time ago that I would post a bibliography for the climate during the Late Quaternary and Early to Mid Holocene in the Eastern Sahara. So, in response to a number of people who have asked me to provide references for ancient climate resources, I've assembled a list of references, both online and offline, that might come in handy for anyone hoping to get to grips with the subject. I've posted it on my portal page at the above address, from where it can also be downloaded as a Word file (19 pages of A4).

N.B. - this is still something of a work in progress, with one or two of key references lacking either their date or title - these missing bits will be updated shortly. Anyone who has any references to add (or have an inclination to complete some of my gaps), please do email me - additions will be most welcome.

Egypt is generally described in the general context of north east Africa, and it is quite clear that climatic and environmental conditions were not straightforwardly homogenous throughout the region. As you will see if you look at the list, the references are not exclusively for the Eastern Sahara - some are for the western zones, and some refer to sub-Saharan regions. Still others refer to global climate change projects. I haven't had time to sort the list into geographical areas, but most of the titles are clear enough.

I will update the page with a new date every time I add new references, so that it is clear when new references have been added, or existing gaps completed.

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