Friday, October 13, 2006

Polish Egyptological Journal 2

Thanks to Jerzy Prus for the information that the October issue of the Polish Egyptological Journal is now online at the above address. The preface, from the above page, is as follows:
In 'Essays' we have a deliberation about etymology of 'gans' not only in English, but in almost all European languages; an essay was written by J. Prus. Onomatopeic hypothesis is a rival of hypothesis of Egyptian genesis of this word.
We have an article written by Professor Włodzimierz Godlewski on Polish research and excavations project done in Nubia, and there are also materials from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in Warsaw University. The XI International Conference of Nubian Studies was in Warsaw, lists of lectures were presented. At the same time, a similar subject was on exhibition in the Warsaw National Museum.
In the Dahesh Museum of Art in Manhattan is an exhibition called “Napoleon on the Nile”, there is a presentation with many illustrations.
In the “Historical Records” section the stela of Indi, from the 8th dynasty (c. 2181 - 2161 B.C.), was given with a Polish translation. The title “Lord of Thinis”, probably belongs not to Indi, as asserted by W. Hayes, W. Schenkel and M. Lichtheim, but to the god Onuris, and it was a traditional title given to this god.
A few new books and electronic media was presented, among them was a bibliography of Andie Byrnes on prehistoric climate.
In the “Pro Memoria” section we have the biographies of the two passed Egyptologist: Dominic Montserrat (1964-2004) and George Henry Fisher (1923-2005).
In the new section: “Aegyptiaca Americana” – will be presentation of objects from modern America connected to ancient Egypt.

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