Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lecture: Undecorated tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Thanks yet again to Jane Akshar for publishing her notes from the latest lecture at the Mummification Museum in Luxor, which took place on the 26th November 2006. The lecture, given by Dr Donald P Ryan of the Pacific Lutheran University is on the subject of the undecorated tombs KV21, KV27, KV28, KV44, KV45 and KV60 in the Valley of Kings:
"The aim of tonight’s lecture was to show that the undecorated tombs in the Valley of Kings are interesting and important.
Scattered among the magnificent and beautiful tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings there are a number of much smaller undecorated tombs. Although discovered at the turn of the centaury they have been virtually ignored both by those discovering them and by subsequent scholars and visitors. When Dr Ryan was a student back in 1983 he noticed them in the valley and pondered the archaeological problems they posed. These tombs must have belonged to some very important people in Egyptian society but we don’t know exactly who they are. Being undecorated there are no names preserved and the merger finds inside, due to a twist of fate, have not preserved the names of the occupants.
Dr Ryan has been working in the small wadi that leads to Thothmosis IV and he started there in 1989."
See the above page for the rest of Jane's notes.

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