Friday, February 09, 2007

Egyptian policeman arrested (
"Antiquities police arrested a police guard in the Egyptian governorate of Qena who attempted to sell four pharaonic statues to a rich Arab for 4 million US dollars, a police source said Friday. A criminal confessed after he was arrested in Suez that he met the guard frequently and that he was mediating between him and a wealthy man from the Gulf who wanted to buy the statues.
The police stormed the guard's house in Negada village in Qena and found four small pharaonic statues in his possession.
One of the statues is ebony and the three others are golden. One is in the shape of a bird, another is a statue of a 16th dynasty (about 1600 BC) king, the third is of a pharaonic fighter and the fourth is of a noble.
The antiquities police, meanwhile, have not released any more information on the statues. Investigations were underway."
This is the complete bulletin on the Monsters and Critics website

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