Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giza and the New 7 Wonders

A summary of the row that has grown up between Egypt and the organizer of the New Seven Wonders: "Egyptian officials refused to meet Weber on his visit to Egypt last month.
When he tried to hold a press conference in a hotel near the pyramids, police arrived and shut it down, claiming that restoration work had to be carried out on the building. Hundreds of journalists were turned away. Unable to hand over a certificate marking the pyramids' place in the final to Egyptian officials, Weber buried the document in the sand near the ancient monuments. Now he is appealing to Egyptians to find the 'treasure' so that it can remain in the country rather than be taken abroad by a tourist.
Organisers say Egypt's hostility is unwarranted, as the contest aims to renew international interest in culture and history, not strip the pyramids of their ancient status."
See the above page for the full story.

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