Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Trivia

Jet Li in Mummy III?
Mania Movies reports that Jet Li is in negotiations to join the upcoming third installment in "The Mummy" franchise. According to the website, the title for the upcoming film is tentatively set as 'Mummy: Curse of the Dragon.' The plot for the film, which is being kept under wraps for the most part, seems to involve Brendan Fraiser, who has expressed interest in returning, his character's son, and a brand new Mummy, which could be played by Li. Rachel Weisz is also expected to reprise her role."

A passion for the pyramids (
"By day, Chris Dunn runs the human resources department at Danville Metal Stamping. By night, the British-born Danville man strives to solve mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids. Certain facts – the interior layout of the pyramids, cuts in the granite, the amazing precision – began to convince Dunn that primitive tools and methods could not be responsible for the pyramids.
In 1986, he got his first chance to see for himself. He was so nervous about what he would find that he stayed in Cairo for three days before heading off to study the pyramids up close. The trip didn't disappoint. What he found validated all he believed. Dunn discovered evidence of tool markings that could only be made, he says, by machine tools. And that's just the tip of the pyramid.
Dunn began writing articles for various publications, introducing his evidence and theories, and in 1998, laid them all out in his first book, The Giza Power Plant. He asserts that the interior design of the Great Pyramid looks like the schematic of a machine and produced energy."

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